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Mounji (@mounji_coaching)


I've been a coach for 3 years now, I've recently developed my own coaching studio (@thestudio.bussels). I regularly use CANFLEX after a very intensive session. It allows me to discipline myself to massage the areas I'm working on, but at the same time to relax. I find that the product really has an impact on my recovery. It allows me to recover faster and therefore to train better. As it is available in pharmacies, this is reassuring. I actively recommend it.


Mila Victoria (@milavictoriayoga)


I loved discovering CBXmed. The CanSleep patches have helped me recover well, soothe my body and mind before going to sleep and get a good night's sleep. I also use the gel for my aches and pains after long days of yoga and sports. The fact that this brand is sold in pharmacies gave me a lot of reassurance and confidence in the brand immediately.


Scott (@scottzadar)


I do a lot of sport as a sports coach (between 2 - 3 hours a day) and I often get tendonitis in my right knee. Since I have been using the CanFlex every evening after my coaching days, I have not had any inflammation or pain. Fantastic! Especially as when applying the cream, a small cold sensation appears and is very pleasant!

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