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Do you have a question about cannabis, cannabinoids, our products or their interaction with the human body? We will be happy to answer you.


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Conditions "Ask a question" section

1. CBX Medical is a company that wishes to be an ethical player in the market of cannabinoid-based products. In this respect, CBX Medical wishes to inform the public about certain aspects relating to this type of product and offers, in addition to the general information available on the website, the possibility of requesting specific explanations from people who have studied the subject in depth. A private one-to-one exchange with one of these people is possible. These people, by virtue of their training or profession, have the knowledge to answer the questions of the interlocutors

2. These exchanges are in no way medical consultations, but are an opportunity to ask questions about cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, CBX products and other related issues.

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