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10.000€ for European students who have done work on the cannabis plant as part of their study in higher education

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In addition to its health benefits, the cannabis plant helps us to meet other challenges. Its eco-positive cultivation and zero-waste operation makes the plant an asset for the future of mankind.

The exploitation of the cannabis plant is continuously confronted with 2 major obstacles:

  • the cannabis plant is demonised, it represents all drugs.
  • Our knowledge and practices around this plant are limited.


CBX Foundation wants to be a key player in enabling the world to maximise the usefulness of the cannabis plant and address as many future challenges as possible.
With this in mind, we are launching the RACE. This is a family of excellence prizes to reward and motivate European students to do work on the cannabis plant as part of their European higher education curriculum (according to the Bologna decree)

We are convinced that the cannabis plant has the potential to improve our lives in many ways and that we need to refine our collective knowledge of the plant in order to make the best use of it.



The prices

4 prize of 2.500€ to reward students who have produced work that advances thinking and/or practice related to the cannabis plant and their field of study

RACE Medicine

RACE Medicine

For example: New care or prevention practices, new approaches to
our health care system, research on the interaction between plants and our body.

RACE Pharma

RACE Pharma

For example: Research on improving the bioavailability of
cannabinoids, on the effects of a particular cannabinoid
or on the pharmacokinetics of a

RACE Biology

RACE Biology -Agronomy

For example: Research on the plant, the different varieties, the stages of production, the study of a particular cannabinoid.

RACE Other

RACE Other

This may include engineering, law, IT, social and political sciences, economics in a broad sense. For example: Research on processing, transport, preservation, marketing and distribution, policies that regulate or facilitate these aspects.

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The RACE 2024 schedule


1. Call for applications

Les appels à candidatures sont ouverts à partir du 15 Septembre 2022 et clôture le 15 Septembre 2024.


2. Selection of nominees

  • The members of the jury will be presented on this site in early September
  • Les noms des 5 nominé·e·s de chaque catégorie sont rendus publiques le 30 Septembre 2024.
  • Les nominé.e.s devront rendre leur travaux pour le 15 Octobre maximum, ainsi que l'exposé qu’ils devront présenter lors de la cérémonie.

3. Selection of the winners

The winner in each category will be the nominee with the highest score among the finalists. Ratings are given out of 100 points in the following proportions:

  • 20% des points seront directement attribués par le public, via un système de vote en ligne ouvert entre le 30 Septembre et le 31 Octobre 2024. Les modalités de calculs sont écrites dans le règlement.
  • 40% des points seront attribués par le jury indépendant. Les cotes seront rendues publiques le 10 novembre 2024.
  • 40% des points seront attribués lors de la cérémonie de proclamation, par le jury indépendant et uniquement basé sur la prestation de la présentation des résultats de leur travaux. La cérémonie aura lieu entre le 11 et le 18 novembre
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Education and research have a fundamental role in our use and perception of the cannabis plant. Through the development of innovative solutions to the challenges of our world, these two pillars will eventually change our relationship with the plant and lead to the vision towards which the foundation wants to move: the cannabis plant at the service of society.

CannabisWoman holding a cannabis

This vision, which underpins the selection criteria for the RACE, simultaneously and harmoniously combines 3 dimensions: social, environmental and temporal.

From this perspective, RACE candidates must include in their application perspectives through which their work will enable society to respond to current or future challenges in to propose innovative alternatives for action and/or reflection on the cannabis plantThis is the case for the company's place or function in our society.


Envoyez le formulaire d'inscription complété avec les pièces jointes nécessaires, avant le 15 Septembre 2024 à info@cannabis-race.eu.
En envoyant cette candidature, vous acceptez implicitement le règlement.

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ATTENTION: The foundation is strictly against the use of the cannabis plant as a drug. The aim here is to provide knowledge about its other uses. Therefore, any research related to psychotropic effects, THC and use as a drug will not be eligible for the competition.

Rules of the RACE

Read the rules